Feeling stuck?

Mentally? Emotionally? Physically?
Somatic Bodywork is based on the idea that it’s all connected.
If you move one aspect, all of your system is moving, heading back towards the flow.
The Pantarei approach states that, if you have a question, your body knows the answer.
Together we will explore what your body has to say.
Usually we get stuck in our head when we are confronted with challenges in life.
Bringing awareness to the body itself already expands the perspective.
We learn how to get out of the conceptual level back into the world of actual experience
So what we do, is we check in and set a goal for the session, as well as an intention and go from there into the bodywork. Let our bodies talk, while we stay in verbal contact.
Basically I’ll hold space for you and give you guidance, so you can gain a new perspective.
Sounds super simple and it is. Nonetheless pretty deep. Magical shifts can happen.
You are invited to make use out of this space, express, explore, or give your body the pleasure of touch.
This is your space and it is safe and whatever arises from you is welcome.
You are welcome.

A session takes 60-90min
Your invest into yourself is 60€ per hour.

Bringe dich und deine Emotionen aus der Blockade

Buch dir jetzt dein Probegespräch mit Dave um zu schauen, ob ihr zusammen an deinem Thema arbeiten könnt